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White trash faggots in the 508 who think they have the fastest car in the town. They're often seen driving around main streets late at night with their white trash friends. Cars of choice include late 80's Mustangs and Hondas, and their cars often have matching logos, usually of an equally white trash graphic company in town. Along with the graphics, their cars usually have an attention whore modified exhaust, usually a niggerpipe.

Not only do they act white trash, they look white trash as well, are often very skinny, have shaved heads, and a sorry attempt at a beard. They often dress in Southpole, Rockawear, JNCO, and Ecko, and are commonly spotted wearing a flat brimmed fitted baseball hat. Around 60-70% of street scumbags lack a high school education.

Locations which are almost guaranteed to provide a street scumbag sighting include McDonald's parking lots, C.A.P., TacoBell, Dunkin Donuts parking lots, and any convenience store, where they usually hang out.
Chet: what the fuck are those faggots doing out here every night?

Smit: oh them? they're street scumbags. that's all they do. white trash faggots.
by Uncle Choad February 06, 2008
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