a band that grew out of the ex-members of Taking Back Sunday. a mixture of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Ben Folds.
by imamoneenfreak November 20, 2003
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great emo band, definitely a different sound than taking back sunday, but john and shaun shoulda stayed with TBS cuz they were the best band ever(they still are even with the new members)
"existentialism on prom night" is the best song on the cd followed by "another word for desperate"
by mychemromance008 January 6, 2005
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A new emo band!.. it has the rhythm guitar player and bass guitar player of Taking Back Sunday in it and they so kick ass!!
Straylight run's song "the tenion and the terror" kicks ass!
by Rachel October 24, 2003
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The remains of the great "Taking Back Sunday" band formed into this one cause of their "problems" that they wouldnt release to the public
by aaaaaaaadev November 14, 2003
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