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The most gansta member of the gang that is named after the coolest gangsta of all time, Amanada. A strawhacker is commonly know as a "strawhacka" and is the highest rank in Amanda's gang of Asian gurus in the field of gansta'rism. Just under the strawhacker, the second-most powerful position in an Amanda clan is the weedwhacker, or the "weedwacka". From generations to generations, the "strawhacka" has often been a prominent gangsta named Amanda. This goes back to when the Amanda clan wuz geetin down wit da Anglo Rappers, Wyrd!
Lo, Lo, Lo, I'm a strawhacka and I be getting my strawhackin on. Fo realz, homie G. Dis is the definition of "strawhacka", da one and on"Le". Fo shizzle.
by kNockdawg October 27, 2004
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