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derived in south philly meaning a loser, corny, camar, someone you are embarrassed for because they are corny to the highest level of corn
The Drakkar cologne, the gold chain and Coogi sweater he had on at the Loft showed what a strapper he really is.
by LucilleBay July 24, 2005
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Loser, scrub, not cool, busted, dumb ass, u can use it to desribe anyone not up to your standards
This guy? What a strapper

Yea, hes a real strap
by Jenny February 09, 2005
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1. An "old timey" supposed insult used by the impoverished & intellectually challenged youth of most Philadelphia suburbs. These youth are usually ashamed to admit that they live in the burbs like Haverton, Levittown and Bristol and are usually white.

It is intended to question a person's education and sexuality simultaneously, while actually failing horrendously to anyone not born or raised in this sad land.

2. One could inter that this is the name of NFL Giants fans, due to the high use of this outdated antiquated colloquialism at Philadelphia Eagle home games.
You corny stupid faggot, you are the king of strappers!
by Grepdogg1 January 22, 2011
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Hotty (male) under the age of 25; short for strapping young lad...Originally coined by vail_chick, as a way to describe her younger friend's new boyfriend, later adopted to descibe all young juicy men.
The strappers were working hard at the construction site, all hot and sweaty...the cougar was instantly aware of their presence and changed course to access the siutation..
by vail_chick May 20, 2009
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