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A heterosexual man who likes to be anally penetrated by a woman.
Jean: I'd love to fuck a guy in the ass with my strapon but I'm not a domme and I don't know any gay guy who'd let me do him...
Kim: Ask Charles, he's a real straight bottom, he's totally into pegging!
by nitrebyc October 24, 2013
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An emotional, witty, fit but petite heterosexual man who enjoys cuddling, healthy eating, and often plants.
I know I act all macho in public, but I really am a straight bottom.

Women may like dating 'bad boys' but most of them want to marry a 'straight bottom.'
by Seth Silver January 07, 2011
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A straight bottom is a heterosexual man who like to be penetrated. He may go for pegging. He may take another man, but he bottoms for the feeling, not for attraction.
Top: I had sex with that guy.
Top’s friend: Really? I didn’t know he was gay.
Top: He’s not. He’s a straight bottom.
by Who’R’You July 12, 2019
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