This is a person born with extreme deformities. Also defined by looking like a fucking Gremlin. Also a person who frequents gay porn sites and likes to watch other "Stotz's" fucking animals. Also eats the ass of men and can't afford anything. If this is you, you likely cannot hold a job even at Dominoes, McDonald's, Arby's, Rally's. Also cries frquently and blames everything on his FAS. Should be shot and killed.
Kevin: "Look at that retarded kid, he reminds me of Stotz."

Erica: "Yah, he prolly has an STD, and fucks 300 pound chicks."

Tom: "He needs to fucking kill himself since his sister stole all of his Duster."

Joe: "That guy looks like he has forskin under his nose, what a cunt."

by Everyone in BG September 9, 2008