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a person or group of people who frequently visit the Gas/Gro to stock up on food, snacks and other unnecessary items that you may need later
the store-going comes first and the adventure follows. You never know what you'll need to be ready for
conversation between wallace auden & adam about auden's shopping habits while at the gas/gro

wallace: "who can come to the gas/gro and only buy one thing?"
adam: "well, she's not from around here"
wallace: "this is true, no offense, it's just we're-"
auden: "store-goers"
adam: "exactly"
by store-goer #1 February 01, 2011
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adj. A person who frequents going to their local convenient stores.

Defined originally by Sarah Dessen in her book, "Along for the Ride".
Hailey: "Hey do you wanna go to my house?"
Alaina: "Sure, but first we gotta stop at the store."
Hailey: "Gosh Alaina you are such a store goer!"
by Crazyrootbeerperson April 30, 2010
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