On point with your outer wear.
Those shoes are stop traffic.
by Mike easy 123 March 31, 2016
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any creative form of suicide which potentially causes traffic problems.
1. Driving into oncoming traffic.
2. Sticking your head out of a manhole on a busy street.
3. Hanging yourself from an overpass or interstate sign.

These are all examples of stopping traffic.
by AngelOfDeath;) April 9, 2009
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When on the rode, and the lights keep turning red, then green again. You often catch every red light, leaving you waiting. This traffic usually always has at least 1 accident.
Boss(On phone with employee): Why are you so late for work?

Employee(On phone with Boss): Sorry, Sir, I ran into some Stop & Go Traffic!!!
by TehPurpleIce March 25, 2011
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Slamming on your brakes for a random fucking merge, and going from 70mph to 0mph in t-minus 5 seconds on a LA freeway.
Person not familiar with merge spots:
OMFG stop stop stop its an LA traffic stop. Holy Sh!t, (crash)

LA driver: He didn't factor in the random fucking merge, and in a LA traffic stop, he rear-ended that hybrid.
by MK the Political Scientist April 21, 2010
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When a male attempts to perform the act of urination and suddenly a turtle head approaches the end of the cave. Immediately rendering the urinater to pinch it off resulting in failing to push out the pee. This creates the same effect as stop and go traffic battling to push out urine and simultaneously pinch off a loaf.
Example 1: Damnit, i can't piss cause i'm too busy clenching cheek, stupid stop and go traffic.
by Cam_shaft January 1, 2012
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A Russian traffic stop is when in a video game or irl if you are a true Slav you rush at a active enemy tank while shouting “urrrah urrrah” jump on top of it break the hatches open and kill the whole crew Stalin would be proud
Soviet soldier 1 do you see that panzer comrade ivan?
Ivan yes comrade

Rush that Cyka

*ivan does Russian traffic stop and impresses Stalin*
by Rushbcykablyat June 1, 2022
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