You can’t swear for the whole month of September No balls you won’t do it
Stop swearing September

Guy1:fuck off dipshit

Girl1:you fucking idiot lost Stop swearing September

Guy2:you both lost haha
Girl2:looks like I win

Guy2: I’m still here

Girl2:if you don’t swear I’ll break up with you

Guy2:Shit don’t

Everyone else:you lost Stop Swearing September

Girl2:seems like I won now
by THEYSMARTGUY November 9, 2019
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A response to people who ask you what your mother would do if she heard you cursing.
Student: What the fuck is going on with the lights cunt?

Teacher: What would your mother do if she just heard you?

Student: She’d tell me to stop fucking swearing!
by STOpfuckingswearing February 16, 2019
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