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We are all familiar with superstitions. But some pertain specifically to stoners.

Stoners and potheads alike have their worries and thoughts on bad luck, especially when it comes to white lighters. Some stoners though, brush it off and claim that it is just a dumb stonerstition.
<Stoner> Dude, you got a spark?

<Pothead> Yeah man here ya go! (hands white lighter over)

<Stoner> Oh cool tha--(wipes hands, gets up) DUDE, that's bad luck man what are you doing with a white lighter?!

<Pothead> Bullshit man, that's just a stonerstition.
by Voodoomouse April 12, 2011
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Portmanteau of the words "stoner" and "superstition". A rumor about something that concerns drug use or drug law that isn't true.
Dave: "Hey Ralph, did you know that you can smoke pot in front of the police in Russia?"
Ralph: "Dude, that's not true. That's just a stonerstition."
Ralph: "Did you hear about this IV injectable form of hash oil being developed?"
Dave: "Now YOU'RE the one being stonerstitious!"
by Squeecme April 22, 2011
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