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also known as stoner etiquette

a list of commandments in place with people that smoke with others. These commandments are manadatory and the consequences = losing your turn, dealing with cottonmouth until other handlings and possibly getting last on the next bowl.

Rules are as followed:
1. If someone if paying for the weed, it is mandatory for them to get first hit. They must also pack the bowl unless the party informed someone else and got another to do it for them.

2. When passing the bowl/blunt, the person whom owns the pipe/rolled the joint will get second hit. No buts.

3.Don't bogart the weed! It's for the group to share.

4. When rolling a joint, don't fucking nigger lip it! It's disgusting and closing the opening.

5. When cashed, if you don't own the pipe, don't resin hit it. It's not your resin to hit!

6. Don't pass a cashed bowl or a semi-cashed bowl without telling the next person of the status.

7. When smoking a fresh bowl after the initial one, you must flip the rotation. 1st: To the left. Next: to the right. It's only fair.

8. Always share any food or drink you have with the rest of the gang, cotton mouth is no fun.

9. After being smoked out by fellow acquaintance, you must in return, smoke them out. It's wonderful karma.

10. Don't ever fucking complain about the weed. Don't like it don't smoke it!
V: Okay, who nigger-lipped it?
M: Brittney...
B: was like that when I got it.
V: Chenoa! That's rule #4!
C: What rule?
M: The stoner rules. duh!
by Brittney Sade October 10, 2008
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