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the only way to get things done marine corps when your chain of command fails. normally when you try to do something in the corps like a special billet people want to keep you from doing it so they can use you for what they need you for. higher ups are more worried about quotas and doing what they want, regardless of what you deserve, this is when you have to resort to stomping on dicks.

stomping on dicks consists of educating yourself, getting your info together, and not being afraid to play "whos dick is bigger" with your boss, or his boss, or even his boss. more or less, calling bullshit on things that normally go unchecked. it usually leads to getting what you want if you are right, but leaves a path of burnt bridges.
motivator 1:yeah, well i was told to wipe my ass with my drill instructor package today cause they need me to deploy with another unit, again

motivator2: what about all the guys who havent deployed yet that have been here for years?

motivator1:thats what i said, but they dont seem to care. its a numbers game and i am losing.

motivator2:thats bullshit, we have boots that havent deployed, send them. its real fucked up how dirty they are doing you just cause its easier sending you than someone else. you deserve a chance to a b billet.

motivator1: yeah, hate to say it. but i think its time to start stomping on dicks and ask to talk to the commanding officer.
by going to DI September 01, 2010
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