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The measure of the amount of how stoked one is.
Tyler: on a scale of one to ten stokins how excited are you to swim with the Beluga whales

Chris: yar yar yar yar yardy yardy yar yee

Marah: those noises of excitement describe my state of anticipation and stokins
by flood-of-kleppesians August 30, 2010
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A term mainly used in the 70's for cool. some people still say it today. it has become a bit of an underground hip hop term.
"That ride is stokin' baby!"
by high-c January 24, 2007
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When you light cherry of a spliff to ensure the bud is fully burnt and you get the best smoke out of your spliff.
Get it proper Stokin!!!
by Ellmer July 17, 2008
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When you and the homeboys are spittin game at females, makin other niggas jealous
" Hey man, hey man, what's up man?

"Shit nigga just chillin. What's good?"

" Not much me and that nigga treshawn were straight stokin' on them hoes!!"
by JJTheGreat November 15, 2009
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to raise to a stoked state. typically used by your douchebag boss, who wants to fit in with those who hate him.
dude, the price margin on this stuff is totally stokin'!!!
by Alphaa June 13, 2007
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