A term reserved for offending a woman in the highest manner.

While the term "cunt" alone is considered by many to be the most offensive word in English, the term "stink cunt" takes the insult much further, as every beautiful woman is repulsed with themselves when they encounter their own vaginal odor - a "dead fish-like" odor that has a nasty, offensive smell at best.

To call a woman a "stink cunt" is to offend them with the word "cunt," at the same time reference the nasty, repulsive odor of their past.
You fuckin' nasty smelly rotten ass cunt!
by j0e_22 March 7, 2007
she is a cunt stink bitch.
by pharp August 2, 2010
a phrase used to start fights by a group known only as the fountain boys, they use it loosely amongst each other however say it to make people angry, it implies that they have experienced a stink from your mothers vagina, the phrase has now spread to a much wider community, it is widely used in australia
a man walks up to a bar and says to the guy sitting next to him "your mum's cunt stinks"
by John Gould April 17, 2006