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A stinky Indian, typically an IT professional on H1B visa status. A Stindian commonly eats the stinkiest of the stinky foods, such as chicken vindaloo (extra curry) and curry fried okra. Usually the stindian forgets that showers exist in the universe, or has a very short memory when it comes to the last time he or she bathed. Their olfactory senses are overly non-existent, thus they don't know how enormously bad they smell to the rest of the world. Common stindian names include: Subbu, Ambarish, and Naranayananananan.
Dude, I can't breathe with that stindian sitting next to me.

That stindian's lunch just made me vomit.

Why is that stindian picking his ears and nose and saving the remnants on a torn piece of paper...AGAIN?
by Ed Frost November 10, 2007
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