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- noun
1. The area of the body where the legs meet the groin. It is the same on both males and females. Usually recieving little to no ventilation, this area often sweats, collecting and refining a disgusting substance ( see: duck butter , ball cheese ) that can be gathered on one's finger and used as a weapon or deterrent. You are 98.2% certain to enter a fight with someone if you rub your finger in your stiltch and proceed to shove it into the opponent's mustache area, causing the smell to stay on their face. This is considered the ultimate disrespect among some.

See also legpit
"Dude, I've been recycling the same underwear for 4 days now. The smell of my stiltch is beyond verbal description."  -offers finger towards bystander

"My girlfriend generally keeps clean, but her stiltch gets a little fragrant from time to time."

Person A: "Remember that kid Steve that used to live down the road from us?"
Person B: "Yeah."
Person A: "Whatever happened to him?"
Person B: "One time he gave me a stilch mustache, so I beat him to death with my bare fists. It was a real pain to dispose of the body... I dumped him out in the woods behind Roy's car shop."
Person A: "damn dude, I don't blame you."
by zeeber February 16, 2011
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