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An early 21st century tongue twister derived from a neighborhood of the East St. Louis.

The tongue twister supposedly comes from a pot smoking father that would put his toddler to bed at night. One night, the father was rolling up some really sticky weed, and when putting his son to bed, the child grabbed his finger and said. "daddy, sticky pinky." The phrase inspired an underground rap known as sticky pinky. People who can successfully say the rap take great pride in their accomplishment and local fathers now tease their own children with the challenge of saying "sticky pinky" five times fast.
After the dad is breaking up really sticky weed, he puts his son to bed. The kid says: Daddy, you have a sticky pinky. Dad: haha I bed you can't say that five times fast.

Here is a part of the song:
yo son yo son

sticky pinky oh son
green as the grass grows son
got sticky pinky blow son
sticky pinky sticky pinky sticky pinky
sticky pinky sticky pinky
by Stickee Fingaz September 13, 2013
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