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A combination of two words. "Sticky", in reference to the type of explosives typically used, originally engineered for clinging to flat surfaces. And "jump", in reference to the upwards acceleration the action attempts to provide.

This action involves planting burst-style explosives at your feet, jumping, then immediately detonating aforementioned explosives, in an attempt to accelerate yourself upwards. This technique is designed to act as a transportation medium of getting somewhere that would otherwise be too tall or difficult to simply jump or climb to.

Much like the rocket jump, the jumping aspect of this action is absolutely crucial in it's success. Failure to correctly a) time the jump, or b) time the detonation will result in serious injury or death.

The sticky jump, in the past, has been limited to use only by a properly experienced Demoman.

This definition has roots in Team Fortress 2.
Fred: Hey Demoman, I tossed my frisbee up on the roof and now it won't come down.
Demoman: WELL ALL-RIGHT! I can sticky jump to retrieve it!
Fred: Thanks man!
by pwn247 November 24, 2009
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