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A philosophy of life that came to be during a certain "discussion" in the very early 1980s. A mutation from "Stay Poor". Often accompanied by making the peace sign with one's fingers.

The philosophy is such that if you staypo, then not much else can happen to you.

A low yet protected state of being. You have very little to lose.

Often used as as "farewell" when you part ways from your friends until next time.
(stay-po) best description, verb

Staypo and it will all wash over you. You won't notice it when "it" hits the fan. You're down so low that you can't experience a fall from grace, wealth, status, or anything else for that matter. You're fine, yet poor as a church mouse. You're still there though.

It is not a fall from hope and friendship however.

A very hippie state of being.
by Darbage June 11, 2011
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