To be drunk but still sensible at the same time. origonated in scotland i think
boss: Is it okay if you can fill in for bob tonight becuase he hasnt turned up?
worker: sorry boss i have been out all day at the pub and am totaly staving.
by naefin July 6, 2006
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Stave is a seedy man. He owns a smelly pencil case. He enjoys computer games and forever bulking. He has a watch that matches his cellphone. In his own words he is: "fun, loving, cute, understanding". He likes to walk on his hands.
He is so stave.
by flowersSmellnice October 23, 2013
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1.Istrumental implement/tool used by the Old Man in Fraggle Rock, for the purpose of Barrel-Scraping. The task of Barrel-scraping is impossible without the aforementioned tool/implement.
2. Tool used to make percussive music on the hardhats of Doozers by Fraggles.
3. A tool that reminds you of nineteenth century torture devices designed to rid females of their hysteria
"You don't get the bone until you find me my stave shaver,"
-Old Man

by Sprockett++ July 16, 2008
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Used in case teachers or parents are around and you want to say a curse word, sub stave in for curse word.
Man, that game was so staved up.
by JWoods May 9, 2008
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Stave means to have an absolutely deadly fart explode out of your anus.
" Yo I just ripped a right friggin wicked Stave!"

*Everyone Runs*
by DIN025 July 17, 2018
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