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Your statline is how many alcoholic beverages you've consumed followed by how many times you've smoked marijuana, in a specified time period (typically one day). Always stated in a "_-_" format when written via text message, and when spoken verbally sports slang is used (I.e. 3 beer and 2 joints is known as 3-2, or trip-dub). Also known simply as "stats".
Via text:

Guy 1: _-_ ?

Guy 2: 4-2

Guy 1: Whoa dude, you must be really high

Guy 2: Yeah..

In person:

Guy 1: *Guy 2 arrives late to party* Yo man! What's your statline!?

Guy 2: I've already put up a triple-double!

Guy 1: Haha man I'm seven-nothing, you got any dope?
by FWSScontact January 05, 2013
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