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Station Rat
a station rat is someone who hangs around at stations scabbing ciggys that wears clothes like dada, wu tang, everlast, addidas, champion etc

also shoes like pull ons with no laces, dirty white addidas, everlast runners etc.

They usually were old caps/hats with the brim bent into a triangular shape with the back of the hat tide with a hair tie or something if its to big for ther head.

Most of their clothes are out of date and look like they have been bought from a op shop basically they are stuck in the early 90's.

They usually have bad/crooked teeth or no teeth at all and look like they have slept the night at the station they smoke and take all sorts of drugs and drink alcohol at the station.

Person1:"ey man did you see that nova chick at ringwood station she looks like a guy!"
Person2:"yeh shes a feral ass station rat!"

Person1:"hey did you see that station rat kid scabbing ciggys off people"
Person2:"Yeah what a rat i feel sorry for his parents and he looks like he should still be in primary school"
by anti-station rat guy April 10, 2007
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Anyone who looks or acts like the bums that hang around at stations but are not actually bums. The most distinguishing feature of a station rat is the smell - they smell as if they have smoked and eaten garlic for the past six years and not bathed once. This means you, station rat.
Station rat one: Gee, Dylan, yo smell like a kajigger!
Station rat two: thanks, Deanne, you too!
Station rat three: hey dudes! hows it smellin'?
Station rat one and two: hey roland
Station rat one: you smell like you've slept in a ditch full of cigarettes and bums
Station rat three: i haven't
Station rat two: i have
Other station rats: ........
by Ratta June 13, 2006
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A breed of females, resembling the female bogan, seen loitering at or around metro train stations in Australia and scabbing cigarettes of each other. They generally wear with pride any clothes that tacky chain stores sold 1-3 years ago, and are easily recognised by ridiculously tight, flared jeans. They wear excessive orange foundation and black eye make up, and have badly bleached hair with several month's dark regrowth, straightened to within an inch of its life and/or pulled tightly back with several kilograms of hair gel. Also infamous for 'getting with' any guy/s that will have them.
Girl 2: Check out the station rats!

Girl 1: Wow, I remember wearing that, like, three years ago. What a skank.
by thebean123 September 24, 2006
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