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A disparaging name for Facebook in Germany combining the words "Stasi" with "facebook". With "Stasi" referring to the communist East German secret police force: which hunted, arrested, tortured and killed dissidents and other opponents of the East German regime between the years 1948-1989. It was first coined by the Youtuber Kraut and Tea in his video titled "Welcome on Stasibook" where he explained that in his home country (Germany), the German government recently hired a former member of the Stasi to track-down and arrest quote-on-quote "Islamophobic extremists" and "anti-migrant extremists".
Hans: "Hey Rudolf, did you hear about that critic of Islam that just got arrested by the police after he posted a meme on Stasibook making fun of Prophet Muhammad?"

Rudolf: "Yeah, well that's Stasibook for you!"
by ComeradeDimitri101 May 20, 2017
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