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To argue in both a non-sensical and childish way, usually starting with incessantly picking at a person until he explodes.
At the end of the argument, nothing is solved and the person who started it (the starnerizer) acts like he doesn't know why the other person is furious. The furious party is dumbfounded at both the starnerizer's feigned ignorance that he even started an argument as well as the starnerizer's endless inability to resolve most any issue that a normal, rational person easily could.

Sadly, starnerizers need serious cognitive therapy but, of course, stubbornly refuse to get it. Even if he would, he would end up starnering the therapist; yes, he could even push a trained mental health professional into a war of meaningless verbal vollies.
My bf starnered me last night. I am so pissed that I think a blood vessel popped in my eye.
by WoodsWhoak March 03, 2010
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