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During a meteor shower sometimes people find what looks like a jellyfish that splattered down from outer space.
There have been reports for over a century of people finding what the Germans call sternenrotz or "star jelly"(which literally means "star snot") in conjunction with meteors falling from the sky. It's usually clear or yellowish, smells awful and disintegrates after being handled. Despite being described thoroughly in numerous newspaper and police accounts for over 150 years, no one has ever really been able to study it in depth because the substance falls apart too quickly to allow for a sample to be obtained.
by tattoo fucker July 04, 2011
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Star-jelly is your style and the aura you create. It is your unique/special quality. Star-jelly is what makes YOU fly.
As soon as she walked in the room her star-jelly made everyone pause.

She was shaking that star-jelly all over that dance floor.

He wasn't worried about being like the others. He was too busy shaking his star-jelly to imitate anyone else.
by AP Eighty March 12, 2014
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