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A fat, dumb, fugly bitch with a FUPA who is easily identified by her putrid odor (this stench, as well as the weight issues may have something to do with her unusually high consumption of highly fattening foods from Denny's). Likes to use stupid phrases like "peace out nigga" even though she herself is white. This unfortunate creature has an IQ of about 62, give or take a few points depending on how long it has been since she was in contact with anything or anyone remotely intellectually stimulating. Like other mentally retarded people, the stankaroo displays the following symptoms:
- Delays in oral language development
- Deficits in memory skills
- Difficulty learning social rules
- Difficulty with problem solving skills
- Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors such as self-help or self-care skills
- Lack of social inhibitors
- Difficulty making friends who do not call her an ugly stankass behind her back
1. Damn, that Bev is really a stankaroo!! Someone should really teach her a thing or two about personal hygiene.
2. She can't help being socially inept, she's just a stankaroo.
3. Ugh, what is that horrifying smell? Is there a landfill nearby? Oh, it's just a stankaroo.
by A. Darling October 24, 2008
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