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A trendy beach goer exercise rising in popularity. Pioneered in Virginia Beach, standing sack eskimo is geared more towards tourists and vacationers seeking exercise because they do not belong to a local gym. The exercise requires the use of three people, which can include any combination of friends and strangers. One person (the person wishing to exercise) ties a rope around their waste. The other end of the rope is then tied to another person (must be a male) who is laying on the beach in the nude on his back. The third person then stands on his nutsack so that all bodyweight is centered evenly on the nutsack, hence trapping the nutsack between bodyweight and sand. The excerciser then runs down the beach, all the while scraping the nutsack down the beach, and taking the other for an eskimo ride. Standing sack eskimo also proves to be a good landmark for beachgoers to remember where there umbrella and towels are located because of the nutsack imprint trail left in the sand
if it werent for that nutsack imprint left in the sand from that standing sack eskimo, I never would've found my way back to our umbrella!!!!
by beachgoeryes September 17, 2009
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