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The typically-accepted-as-equivalent "pleasure-reimbursement" that a guy and gal exchange in a particular everyday romantic "transaction".
Two examples of standard rewards:
(1) If a guy allows a visiting gal to use his shower, she lets him accompany her into the shower and dreamily canoodle with her under the warm waterfall.
(2) If a misty-eyed guy wants to give a buxom gal a naked chest-to-chest hug, he'll soothingly massage her back all during said extended deeply-squeezy snuggle-session. (A variation on this "contract" would be that if she lets him savoringly play with her boobs and fondle her butt, he'll massage whatever other body-parts that she requests him to soothe --- i.e., her feet, shoulder-blades, neck, etc. --- for a similar length of time as he pleasures his thirsting hands with her "choicest morsels".)
by QuacksO July 04, 2018
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