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You have a cheek splitting double chocolate warhead in it's third trimester. You go into the bathroom, and no one is there. You see the stall door, and everything appears to be normal from the outside. However you know from fearful past experiences this is rarley the case. As you reach to open the stall door, something inside you tells you something is wrong. Your body activates a saftey mechanism, protecting you from what might be. You open the door, and as you feared, it's the worst thing you have ever seen in your life. The first stall you open, theres piss all over the seat. The second stall you open, its an unflushed mix of sinkers and floaters, as well as the squirts.
Then the third...
The prior occupant laced out a massive pinch, he was probably going for a record breaker, he tried to keep it in one piece, but he got pissed when it started to break up, so he left the rest right on the seat. It was also unwipable, at which point the occupant got frustrated, the toilet was flooded with tea color water and was spilling over the sides. The floor was covered with piss, and then they smeared shit all over the walls.
last bathroom I went to was a total stall shock, I'm definatley going to leave school and go home from now on.
by stevos skate balls March 10, 2010
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A condition caused by potential intruders when attempting to enter an occupied bathroom stall.
I sit in fear during the busy morning hours in the bathroom expecting someone, at any moment, to interrupt my bio-break by shaking the stall door. It happens constantly and now I live with Stallshock.
by kevingdavis January 13, 2009
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