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n. attitude mostly found amongst college students and young adults. Consists of using a social networking site (while one should be studying and/or being productive) with an originally unspecified intent that slowly becomes that of finding information about people. Stalkrastination can be specific or random; in general it can consume several hours (specially when random).
1. So I was studying for my physics final exam for a bit, then I felt like it was time to take a break. So I went on facebook and after checking my few emails, I remembered that I have been meaning to friend this girl for a while now... Three hours later I found myself looking through pictures of a friend of a friend of the girl who I didn't know and had no real interest in.

2. Stop stalkrastinating and get to those AC circuits! ... ooh hold on is that Cathy you're looking at...?

3. Even the best stalkrastination does not earn a grade.
by stalkrastinator May 18, 2009
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