wheres that site for the st00f and t1ngz
by px October 03, 2004
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When someone says to give them free stuff,usually in runescape,but in a 1337-speak. Most used by noobs and bob from tehnoobshow
Bob: free st00f pl0x
high-level guy: Neh
by Light Dragon (Anti-ED person) October 17, 2010
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Sentance generally used by annoying noobs in games such as RuneScape to indicate their lack of education and/or progress in the game and wishes through this annoying spasm of words to gain free stuff, literally means 'Can I have some free stuff please cause I'm an annoying noob'
Noob: PMG phr33 st00f pl0x
RSplayer: Eek! Get away from me!
by Thelamahunter July 07, 2006
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