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An all girls school in Ontario thats filled with rich snobs, loser-ish nerds, and some randoms who don't know where they belong because they've been brainwashed like everyone else in the school. Only wear, LULULEMON, TNA, TALULA, Aber, Hollister, and other "hot labels"...only ever seen carrying designer hand-bags (Channel, Coach, Prada, and Gucci.

I know because I go there
St. Mildreds girls are all spoiled brats.
by Kelly-wa June 11, 2006
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St. Mildred's is an all girls private school located in Oakville, Ontario. The girls of SMLS abide by the eight cracked commandments: heres a glimpse of moral stature.

1. Fashion - mainly pertaining to Ugg boots, lululemon, H & M and American Eagle.

2. Anorexia - if you dont skip meals or throw up meals you just dont make the cut!

3. Boys - The girls of SMLS die hard sluts who will do anything for a little action.

4. Grades - Full of wanabe genius', if they can't cant achieve their "perfect" grades on their own parents will be forced to get involved and make massive donations to fund new ELC's (waste of money buildings, full of crappy technology).

5. Die hard alcoholics (who chug mickeys) and wanabe potheads - you can always find a SMLS girl man down in a bush, bathtub or drunk tank every weekend!

6. Pride - dubbed as lesbians the girls of SMLS are more desperate and willing then a typical masturbating self exploring thirteen year old boy.

7. Momento's - Oh and how can we forget that BMW bathtub of ours, that comes complete with our equally horny men in kilts shipped in from Aurora.

8. Gossip - Home to a "Pretty Commitee" and many backstabbing princesses - gossip is juicy, demanded and always fresh everyday like our breakfast program cookies!
St. Mildred's Lightbourn School - An all girls private educational institution for the rich and and abusive!
by AP, Liz & Steinberg December 14, 2005
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A school in Oakville, Ontario. It is a school meant for rich bitches, sluts, and lesbians.
They dress like a slut. they're a virgin slut. rich. bitch. somehow manage to show more skin than clothes. lesbian. botox. shit load of makeup. random designer shit. i know because i went there
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