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A man who represents England to a T. Likes his tea hot, his government Crowned, and his Irishmen oppressed. May exhibit a strong attraction to those who resemble Winston Churchill. Is normally quite attractive, with a large phallus. This fact leads to unparalleled arrogance combined with the view that the Empire shall rise again. Usually has a good sense of humor (of the British variety, of course). May become obsessed with shows on any of the BBCs, no matter the quality. May be seen sporting a top hat and monocle.

Be warned, you will never win an argument against this character if your argument relies on the UK being anything but the single greatest thing to have ever existed (besides the Empire, the Commonwealth, etc etc...)
Drunkard 1: Hey, look at that hot guy! I'm going to wish him a happy St. Paddy's Day!

Drunkard 2: I wouldn't... He's a St George of England...

Drunkard 1: Fuck! But his package is so big...

Drunkard 2: As is his ego...
by Erisia March 01, 2011
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