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Sristi is a beautiful girl who has many many talents. She either is always happy and filled with joy or she is sad and depressed and you can’t do anything about it because she will realize on her own. She is the kind of girl everyone wants to talk to. On one side a he is super popular and fashionable but also nerdy and studious on the other.
Man one: how would u like ur dream girl to be?
Man two: I would like her to be like Sristi.

“I wish I was Sristi like”
by ReebaAlkansa May 29, 2018
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An indian name of a girl who is cute, cool, sassy in nature.She has the best curly hairs ever!A lot of guys fall in love with her.She always stays at the top of everyone's list. She is generally very friendly.Everyone admires her because of her extraordinary qualities.
omg!look at sristi.
by sristi June 09, 2018
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
A dumb da ra dumb dumb da ra dumb dumb stoopid bitch
“You're such a Sristi” :)
by Bobsandveganas April 10, 2019
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