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A unique type just like the name . Sassy , cool and also possesses the quality of being hot no matter in whatever size she is . People usually get attracted to her because of her attracting qualities mainly including her sassy personality and intelligence oh! And how to forget her beauty . She is like an angel having heavenly beauty and always ready to help everyone . Her intelligence is immense . The very important thing that matters in srijonis life are their values and people who care for her . People with the name srijoni can be really a cool friend , girlfriend or wife as they can easily attract people of their opposite sex or the same . They have the capability of achieving whatever they want and progress in each and every stream . Basically , good at everything . A perfect example for a girl having beauty with brain !
Guy 1 . No one cares about me even though I try to help them and be nice with them

Guy 2 . Srijoni will become your friend easily if you care for her and will never hurt your feelings!
by Kennyupra June 07, 2018
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