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A sexual act in which a can of whipped cream is dispensed into someone's anal orifice.
Barbara gave Jeffery a squeaky greg and now we have no whipped cream for the party.
by DougieMcElroy June 26, 2017
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A Squeaky Greg is a sexual/fetish act involving Reddi-wip brand aerosol propelled whipped cream canisters.

According to fetish/sexual deviancy experts Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from the podcast MBMBAM, this act involves inserting the nozzle of the whipped cream canister into the anus of your consenting sexual partner and emptying the entirety of its contents into his or her rectal cavity.
This act is supposedly banned in all US States except for Delaware, most likely due to the likelihood of physical harm caused by the nitrous oxide propellant. The status of its legalities in other countries is currently not recorded.
"I want to whisk you away to Delaware, to see the trees and get some cider, you're going to love it. Make sure to pack some cans of Reddi-wip so I can give you a Squeaky Greg by the waterfalls."
by Perpinsky January 19, 2018
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