someone who is trashy or classless. can also refer to an act or action considered to be rude or tasteless.
Littering is so squammy.
by pinoywordsmith November 22, 2022
A drug induced affliction of the penis, also known as coke dick, wherein the penis feels like a flaccid, clammy, cold eraser after having given up on life and all its joys; to the point where it would yell "I don't even care anymore" if one were to drive a nail through the penis. (A squammy is easily self-diagnosable and running aforementioned test is extremely inadvisable)
So having given up on porn for the night, he runs up to me and smacks me in the forehead with his squammy. Remind me not to pass out around that fucker again.
by Dr. Adonis April 2, 2011