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Pl. of "Squallorg"

Pronunciation: 'skwol-org

A robotic mutation of the colloquial term for a "square" or "squally" - universally known as a cigarette. Originated at Miami University (OH) c. 2006. The stem "-org" suggests objects or persons of a robotic nature.
"L'D4n9! These pomegranate squallorgs are so tangy mangy!"

"Hey, Coughlorg!"
"Yes, Zelkron?"
"Let me get a squallorg! Then recharge!"

"Oh Coughlorg, your probe is so glutenizing!"
"Oh 'Kron, you make me wanna smoke a squallorg."

Things to do while watching exploding whales: smoke a squallorg.
by NikolaW December 06, 2006
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