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A blend of sony and pwn. It is used to indicate a joy for negative press of the sony corporation. This is due to loathing of sony's overreaching tactics and anti-consumer behavior. The indictment that sometimes follows by the public or other sovereigns makes one happy again, leading to an elated exclamation of relief and justice and replacing sony with "spwny". Sometimes, however, the complicit or apathetic public or law allow for their shenanigans to prevail, in which case it may be used as a sorrowful or nihilistic derogative term.
Ex1: Fuckin spwny is sucking Kim Jon Un's rectal nectar after their damn backends got fuckin thrashed by his giant cockass worm made by his gook bitchass hacker fleet
Ex2: In '05 spwny bmg fuckin rootkitted my shit, but we fuckin pounded their bitch ass with class action motherfuckin shitstorm
Ex3: Spwny fuckin reverted their shit on ps3 linux compatibility, and the fuckin sodomized judge ass bitch said OtherOS can suck his tiny capitulative cock
by chpwnr December 30, 2014
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