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The type of sound, feel, and vibe created by this class of snaps. This type of snap is very different and unique opposed to other seasons of the year. The amount of moisture and humidity in the atmosphere on the stratosphere creates this snap. When you have your fingers propped and ready to execute a spring break snap, you can feel a bit of looseness in you fingers and slippieness because of the heat of spring coming on. The origin of "Spring Break Snap"("Spring") is also because of the heat and temperature level outside. If it wasnt during the spring break, (April 22nd- 27th) then it would have to much moisture and it would be very shallow of a snap. To hear what a spring break snap sound like, visit my youtube channel which consists of proffesinal snappers which specialize in the one and only " Spring Break Snap".
Holy Shit!!! That was one hell of a Spring Break Snap there Trevor!!!!
I know it was you dumbfuck..... I bet you cannot beat me at blablablablablah
by Y0ur Motherrrrrr June 23, 2010
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