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1.Created Sep. 2005 in Georgia, Spoonfest is a semi-annual event, featuring live music performances,partying, camping, dancing, swimming, mayhem, ect.
Held at the end of March and September to celebrate the fall and spring birthdays of the two Spoon brothers.
2. a wild or chaotic gathering of inebriated young people.
"This dude got his car stuck in a sand pit at Spoonfest two. What an idiot."
"I don't remember anything from my second night at Spoonfest."
by The Cole Spoon September 15, 2007
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A term defining a very extreme party. The type lasting usually at least two or more days where one would expect to find themselves very high, very drunk, very pregnant, arrested, or any combonation of the four. Usually many bands and/or unusual acts play throughout its entirety.
1. Man I got so much action at that party last week. Now that's a f@#kin Spoon Fest.

2. My Bro's wife got knocked up at a Spoon Fest like that one.

3. Man I was so toasted after that Spoon Fest I don't know how I made it home.
by Clay Spoon September 16, 2007
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Started in 1994, it was an somewhat regular meeting of friends to eat at a buffet, share funny stories, steal spoons, and bowl or shoot pool.

In recent years the even has only occurred once per 12-18 months.
I bought a newbie to a spoonfest and they made me proud my snatching 2 spoons and an ice cream bowl.
by Rob² March 22, 2009
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