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a woman who 'gobs on' the makeup, wears tons of jewelry, thrives on being 'pampered', wouldn't be caught dead going camping, thrift shopping, hates getting dirty, sweaty, exercise, TERRIFIED of NUDITY, WORSHIPS money; -best skills are facilitating release of "man-chowder"!! -thinks own body waste is un-odoriferous! a non-'hippie-chick'; a snob!

-never a 'deep' thinker, having only the most superficial of things to discuss. -most smart men are only able to 'deal' briefly, while getting the 'poison' ground out of them, then VANISH!! (aka: spo-oo-oo-oo-ky action)
john: i think i'd like to 'do' that big flashy blonde! bill: -thats' spooky action!!

thats' some spooky action over in the corner, i told that one babe i was a doctor!, i could smell the 'cave drip'

lets' work those spooks over at table 5, i bet we can get 'into gear' -thats' indeed some spo-oo-oo-oo-ky action!!
by michael foolsley June 25, 2011
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