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1.) a very popular Swedish cereal brand.

2.) another name for sweet and low.

3) what shoots out your nose while having sexual intercourse.

4.) a fancy Spanish dance routine requiring all those over 55 to drop it low

5.) the act of jerking your own dog until he spoojizzicums
6.) piling more than 3 folded blankets over a boy's face to suffocate him.

7.) a gooey, molasses-like substance that it used when one does not have enough milk for their cereal bowl
8.) the result of leaving orange juice in the sun for 8 or more days, and then consuming it.
9.) when you split your femur in two pieces, with one piece sticking out, then proceed to do crunches and are concurrently stabbing your stomach with your exposed femur.
This is my favorite cereal! Spoojizzicum, the brand that's sweeping the nation, or province, or territory?

I hate that boy! I'm going get all my blankets together and spoojizzicum him tonight...
by mozneurosurgeon December 08, 2013
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