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The act when a male homosapien scromps or puts his penis inside of a female homosapiens (or other species if your into that kind of shit you SICK FUCK) vaginal cavity and thrusts so hard so many times that both the anal and vaginal cavities start to bleed profusely due to raw friction, slight tearing, and recoil. Victimizing and crippling the female for days and deterring them from sexual acts for months.

WARNING: May induce a coma or even death!
Example 1: "Yeah I just got back from Hannahs funeral, maybe I shouldn't have spoofenhiemened her soo hard"

Example 2: "Hell yeah I spoofenhiemened that bitch so hard last night that I broke BOTH her legs!"

Example 3: (on the phone)

Terry: "Hey what's Adrian doing?"
Keith: "gettin some spoofenhiemen"
Terry: "Yeah I figured I can hear if from my house"
by koruptone August 05, 2009
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