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A.K.A. 'Spogangster' - A person between ages of 12 and 25, lives in Spokane, skinny, white, shaved headed blonde facial hair, South Pole, JNCO, loves Lil Jon, loves J Lo, fat girlfriend shops at Deb, thinks US POLO ASSN. is actually Polo, drive a shitty car with subs, hangs out at Northtown Mall and Division St., fake bling. No style sensibility. Oh and dont forget the sideways G-Unit hat. Has no idea that Spokane is not a huge city. Spokane is one of the safest cities in the West.
"Im a Spokangster. I'm living a life of failure."
"Im a Spokangster...word up...oh sorry dogg I gtg cuz my mom be blowin up my cel."
by Jesse March 22, 2005
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