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commonly known as Dat Syndrome , spoil, or Dime Fever is a mental illness that refers to attractive Females , attention whores, and females who think they are attractive but really just get attention for being a smut. the root of this disorder originates from the perceived notion that She is a so called bad bitch, or dime piece based on the amount of attention the so called thirsty niggaz give her. the diminished emotional responsiveness to a positive encounter or positive compliment occurs when an emotional compliment such as "you are beautiful " are repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant. the direct result of this correlates to a female who becomes desensitized to all compliments given to her and ignores all advances unless she is sexually aroused by or sexually attracted to that that individual. Anyone giving her attention who does not meet the demand of sexual arousal or attractiveness will be labeled a thirsty nigga even if he is genuine with his approach or compliment.
this illness can be viewed on social media by woman who often complain about how hard it is finding a good guy or real man. not realizing they probably passed on the good guy while lusting over someone such as Jeremy Meeks. other signs are woman who are single for long periods of time often into old age growing human like attachments to their pet cats due to lack of human affection often times called cat lady
nigga 1 : yo you talk to that chick on IG last night son?

nigga 2: yeahhh man but you know she got Spoiled Syndrome you know hella niggaz hawkin her page n shit.

nigga 1: truee!! trueee!! i feel u my nigga bad bitchz be having that Dime Fever.

nigga 2: word is bond kid! But ayo wassup wit dat thot dat be posting all the smut ass pics on twitter she such a attention whore smh but u hit it yet?.

nigga1: Naw i ant hit son . tell me how she Spoil n dont even look good. shit only reason I wanted to hit is cuz my nigga Jeremy Meeks said she gave him dat bomb ass head during his conjugal ya dig!

nigga2: damn thats crazy i ant know she gave dat nigga top she be talking hella shit on twitter about how she cant find a good man and how hard it is being lonely n yet she beastin over niggaz in jail lol BUT that’s none of my business on da Kermit the frog tip

nigga1: its all good kid you know all these bitchz guna be on some lonely cat lady shit soon anyway . plus u know we dont love these hoes .

nigga 2: true these hoes ant loyal and if they look good you know they got Dat Syndrome now a days. boy I tell you these thirsty mcgirsty niggaz fucked up the game but anyway tell your wifey n the kids i said HI im about to dip outa here

nigga1: they sure did fuck it up these kanye west captain save a hoe ass niggaz but Aight no doubt my G tell ya girl i said hi too ... peace kid!

nigga2: word up son these never fucked a bitch before u was rich niggaz smh but aight my nigga 100 .
by Sexy Superficial Slut June 26, 2014
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