Splin - dik- ū- luss

A word used when you want to sarcastically say "splendid" and seriously say "ridiculous" at the same time. Often times to leave people wondering if you are excited or disappointed by a situation, news, or announcement.
Mom: "I need you to babysit Mrs. Smiths kids tonight so make sure you're home early!"

Me: "All 5 of them?! They are so bratty. I always come home stressed out & get a headache afterwards. Do I have to?"

Mom:"I already said you would."

Me: "Splendiculous..."

Mom: "Did you hear that Mr & Mrs Smith are pregnant again?! It's Twins!"

Me: "Really?! 7 kids now?! Well isnt that just Splendiculous of them."

CNN: "The cost of oil, cost of real estate and housing, cost of living, and cost of insurance, cost of (basically everything you need is up) and steadily climbing along with the Unemployment, Welfare , and Tax rates/percentages. To make matters worse the bill to raise minimum wage was voted out yesterday. Plans to rewrite the bill (in hopes it will pass this time) will begin in 6 months....

In other news the president made another executive decision today..."

Me:"Splennn-diculous... :-\ F.M.L."
by MagnawesomeKK April 24, 2016
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