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Spinnish is the language used by spin doctors and other political operatives; Corporate fuzzwords.

Chief table-pounders whose work requires them to be buzzword-compliant traffic in Spinnish.
Here's an example of Spinnish: "self-licking ice cream cone" n. a process, department, institution, or other thing that offers few benefits and exists primarily to justify or perpetuate its own existence. Also in the form self-licking lollipop. Related: flush tax, lean forward, bullet sponge, unass, lactivist, paleoconservative.
by Snookynibbles December 21, 2006
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Random bullshit that someone is saying that has no truth behind it. They are spewing bullshit.
"He has been spewing spinnish all evening"
by jaytea March 06, 2019
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