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1) A rodent from outer space used in Neptuian cooking to add flavour to a dish. When the tail and head are pulled apart rapidly this creature exumes spice out of it's nose. (As seen in Futurama)

2. (Inuendo) an expression used to describe an attractive woman.
She deserves a blast of the spice weasel.
*rapidly pull clenched hands away from each other in vertical motion*
by JKRK13 May 03, 2005
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a person that chronically masturbates to scrambled cable TV porn most commonly the spice channel.
Marvin is a total spice weasel . He's constantly whacking his pud to scrambled porn
by Silver tongued liar November 03, 2015
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A betting term for poker which reffurs to betting insane amounts with little to no chance of winning. Thought it up from the whole Futurama Alkizar's "crankin it up a notch with the spice weasel!" its a good term cos its for those "All or nothing" Attempts
Spice weaselin' my Opponent Hard
Crankin this game up with the ol' "Spice Weasel"
by Danny G and Paulie Majt February 11, 2008
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