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When someone relentlessly looks over your sholder to see what your doing with your iPod. I've found this is more common with the use of an iPod touch or iPhone than any other kind. I made this word today at dinner in a restuarant and I thought maybe it was good enough for the best quick info site on the web. I love it here!

See ipeeper
Caitlin: *looks up* "what are you doing?"
Jeff: *staring over sholder at caitlin's iPod* "I wanna know who your emailing."
Caitlin: "Quit being a spiPod! Gah! Why is everyone so interested in my iPod touch will they ever leave me alone!"
Jeff: "Ok Ok! Geez! Sorry."
Caitlin: "Sorry my period starts in two days."
Jeff: ""
by acid red owl May 08, 2009
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